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How to improve customer service Smart answers - Webinar Findwise & Lucidworks June 2020

Lucidworks will showcase ’Smart-Answers’ - the new smart answering technology to improve customer experience with virtual assistants. See how the technology combines search, AI and knowledge graphs to deliver a revolutionary experience. We will see customer examples and dig deeper in the positive results that came with the change of mindset and technology.

The session includes:

How search and deep learning extend conversational frameworks for improved experiences
How Smart Answers improves customer care, call deflection, and employee self-service
A live demo of Smart Answers for multi-channel self-service support
Findwise gives a brief introduction to a proven methodology for an organization to take an holistic view on their assets of data - Data Findability

Speakers are:
Fredrick Clase, Findwise
Simon Taylor, Lucidworks